Monday, July 30, 2012 : Testimonials from the happy clients is a complete Online Marketing Company, based in Florida; U.S provides comprehensive, and professional Online Marketing Strategies, website Designing and Pay-Per-Click Marketing & PPC Management services at very competitive prices.

The great ship of modern business sails across the wide open seas of the Internet. Deep and rich with opportunity, they are also rife with rough waters and littered with the broken hulls of failed industry--a ghostly reminder of the inherent dangers of an Internet-based world. Success is dependent on knowing the waters; adept navigation around the ebb and flow of website management, Google campaigns, SEO, PPC and search engine marketing will set the determining line between those who sink and those who sail on into the future.

Many have discovered a master navigator in Dave Saitta of The happy clients of, with Dave at the helm and his staff behind him, are sailing full-force into the future. Their tremendous success has brought many of them forward with testimonials so others may know that there is a way through the rough waters.

For them, it was centrally important to find someone who possessed a genuine understanding of Internet marketing. These companies speak of the time and care Dave took to not only set up premier websites, Google campaigns, and search engine marketing strategies, but also to thoroughly explain it all, allowing them to learn the landscape themselves:

"They've provided us with many avenues of Internet marketing ideas along with Search Engine Marketing Strategies to help overcome many of our industry competitors . . . We are currently on the 1st page of Google for many of our industry-related search terms . . . " --Brian, Mantano Motorsports

"David at Proxy1 has been great, providing us with many Internet marketing opportunities from Pay-Per-Click to Social Media Marketing to Local and National Search Engine Optimization for our new website that Proxy1 is building." --Jan, Write Now Editing

Sheer knowledge, however, is insufficient. Business is about people, so professionalism and personality are also essential. Along with this satisfaction in the work, the happy clients of speak regularly of the reliability, accessibility and versatility of the leadership the company provides:

"We had been burned before by 'website & Internet marketing' people making tons of promises and NOT delivering. From the get-go there was something about David that I believed in. He knew his website terms, he had samples to show us, he gave me more info than I ever wanted to know ..." --Vince, Long Island Performance

"It was nice to finally find a company that knew what they were talking about! Dave took the time to explain all the details and inter workings of web design and search engine optimization. The experience was a breeze, educational and friendly." --Theresa, The Law Offices of James K. Weick

Words like these only come from working with a company that knows its business and stands behind it with the highest level of professionalism. If you are at the helm of a business sailing the rough Internet waters, or are just now preparing to embark, see for yourself what the happy clients of have to say about securing their voyage with the versatile leadership of Dave Saitta.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Proxy1Media’s PPC Team Works Miracles in first 30 days of New Adwords Account

Generating almost 4 x the Leads at the same time
Cutting the Cost Per Acquisition/Lead (CPA) in more than half

Proxy1Media’s PPC team Helps Local Auto Reseller Remain an industry leader on Google

1st 30 Day Achievements:
  • The cost per conversion/cost per lead has decreased to less than half of what it was in the immediate period prior to Proxy1’s PPC Team taking over the campaign.
  • The conversions/leads per day have increased in spite of the PPC budget/day being reduced by more than half.
  • The campaign has been made more specific i.e. the keywords and ad copies have made more specific to attract the nature of leads that the client requires.
Time Period Clicks Cost Conversions CPA Conversion/Day in PPC campaigns Spend/Day in PPC campaigns
October(Oct1 to 21 Oct) 3,468 $9,937.85 146 $66.51 16.22 $1104
October 21-November 20 5,444 15,738.75 530 $28.59 17.10 $507.70

BEFORE P1M October 1st 2011 – Oct 21st
AFTER P1M Oct 21st 2011 – Nov 20th

Steps launched to improve Quality of conversions:
  • The campaigns and ad groups were restructured. Keywords were properly organized. Split AB testing between different ad copies was set up at ad group level.
  • New Ad Copies and Keywords were introduced in the Ad Words campaign to improve the quality of leads. From business perspective, preference is for a 2000 and up year car seller. “wrecked, damaged, nice, used, nearly new cars” are the leads that are client’s top preference.
  • Geo targeted campaigns were set up to specifically target the relatively better performing states.
  • The Google Analytics tracking was implemented with proper goal tracking so that the performance of PPC traffic on the website could be closely monitored.
  • Historical Google AdWords and Google Analytics data for the clients other websites was carefully reviewed. This exercise revealed new keywords which could be included in the ad words campaign for current site.