Sunday, December 5, 2010

Proxy1Media Ranks Law Firm using SEO in 30 days/1st Page!

Working with a South Florida Law Firm, Proxy1Media Successfully achieves first page Google Ranking for over 3 of their main legal categories and key words using search engine optimization.
Proxy1Media’s Project Manager stated, “After completing a website for a legal firm here in Boca Raton, we soon launched their seo program. Interviewing one of the partners and getting how specifically their current workload changes with the seasons, with their clients’ needs and with legal updates/changes has helped us take the firms main categories of legal practice, combine it with their geography-of-preferred-business and compared this against “Current Search” / their Current Competition to carefully construct a Search Engine Optimization Campaign that quickly landed them on many of Google & Bing’s first page for many of their key words and areas of practice.”
The head of Proxy1Media’s SEO departments stated, “Working on Local Search terms called “Long-Tailed-Search” has given us success. With many aspects of SEO working in our favor like Google’s newer Places account, our Geo-Meta-Tag -Targeting, our Local Key Inclusions/density, Related Press Release Marketing and with also the help of some pretty new and powerful systems like FastPitch & Thumbtack it is much easier today to get a company to rank for these local/long tailed search terms.
Our next goal with this or any other SEO Client would be getting their company URL’s to rank for a County and Region Related Searches.”
Please see our company website for any other updates or examples why we are the number one choice for ANY SEO in Boca Raton.
Proxy1Media launches Google's New ReMarketing Program to help target missed "Pay-Per-Click Conversions" for a particular Pest Control Client they have in South Florida.
From Proxy1's Major Account Manager, "Taking Google's New ReMarketing program has enabled us to "Re-Brand / Re-Target Specific Ads" to miss online opportunities. Our Client is the Largest Tent Fumigation Company in the State of Florida having multiple locations and geo-targeted ads running on Googles Search & Content Network (this is the 1st page of Google and 100's of related/non-related websites) and we need to maximize each PPC impression, message, offer and of course conversion.
With Effectively Run Pay-Per-Click Ads we are able to not only Immediately Brand our Client in Exact areas they prefer to work in, we are running Insect-Specific Ads to help capture the Niche Website Inquires about a particular bug problem, a pest remedy or getting some bed bug problems taken care of immediately.
Please see our company website for any other updates or examples why we are the number one choice for ANY SEO in Boca Raton.
Proxy1Media is a Search Engine Marketing & Consulting Company with offices in Boca Raton, Orlando & Melbourne, Florida.
We pride ourselves on our experience, our service & our pricing.We are professionals and take our industry & customers seriously.We have Google-Certified Staff, MBAs & PhDs to help most any need.
Our Services:
And More.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Proxy1Media offers 40% OFF any Pay-Per-Click & SEO Services for December! Get MORE BUSINESS by Marketing Your Business in December!
Proxy1Media is offering a Holiday Special of 40% OFF all Pay-Per- Click Account Setups and 1 Month of FREE SEO with a minimal 5 month term. We know that spending is on everyone’s mind this month and we would like to remind all to “Pay Yourself First” by securing your Online Placement in Google, Yahoo & Bing.
We want to remind those that haven’t worked with us in some time that we have an in-house team for SEO and partner with a world leader to be your Project Managers for larger projects.
With Social Media, eMail, SEO, PPC to high-end website development engineers, we are here to help.
Contact Proxy1Media for further questions or feel free to review our new website & blog listed below.
All of us here at Proxy1Media wish everyone a happy, healthy & profitable holiday. P1M 561-961-4353

Proxy1Media donates a website to a Non-Profit for the Holidays.

Having family that belongs to this club and knowing that they didn’t have any online branding or marketing Proxy1Media donated their time and website skills in creating a website for the SunCoast Model T club that resides in St. Petersburg Florida. This Model T “fan” club will now be able to showcase their founders, board members, meetings along with having an area to showcase event photos, Model T Ford History including an entire section dedicated to Henry Ford Himself. Founder Dave Saitta of Proxy1Meida a Search Engine Marking Company in Boca Raton writes, “We hope the Guys and Gals over at Sun Coast Model T can use this site to show off some of their beautiful autos while keeping the public informed about their up and coming events. Knowing that the club has many events and meetings but didn’t have an online spot to show the world, we had to get them something.”
Of course Dave had to plug his company reminding everyone that If anyone needed any SEO in Boca Raton or any Internet Marketing Help that they are ready to advise most anytime. 561.961.4353

Friday, October 15, 2010

How Much Should I Spend Per Month On Pay-Per-Click?

“How much should I be spending?” is one of the first and most frequent questions we get from potential clients.
In that question are two separate questions that the client wants to know, though they are rarely able verbalize it:
1) What should I be spending per month 2) What will my setup costs be if I don’t already have an account. What Should I Spend Per Month? There are several ways to answer this question. You may want to consider these answers before you hire a pay per click management team. Some popular answers to this question are “what you can afford to lose”, “it depends on the industry”, and “about whatever you think you can afford to spend”. Those are all reasonable answers for some clients. For advanced businessmen and women I think the following answer is better: “If you could buy one dollar bills for $.99, how many would you buy?” Obviously you would want to buy as many as possible, or spend infinite amounts. Even though margins are low (in this example), the more you spend, the more you make. Would you still be interested in this deal if you had to pay someone else to arrange this service for you? Again, the answer would be yes. While this eats into your margins (again), you are still in a position to make a ton of money if you put up the money. Lets bring this back to pay per click. Due to advances in tracking technology, we are able to calculate the amount of money you are spending and the amount of money you are making directly from pay per click ads. If this is a positive number, it is no different than the above example, where you are buying dollar bills for $.99.
This advice has is limitations, but not in the ways you might expect. The obvious limitation is that there is not an infinite supply of customers. This manifests itself in the following way: the more you spend, the higher the cost of acquisition, which will eat into your margins. However, if you do not yet have a solid account, you probably do not need to be concerned about this. Setup Costs The other limitation to this advice is that it will cost you money to get your account to a profitable state. Accounts are rarely profitable on day one. You will have to invest some money upfront in your advertising, just like all other forms of advertising. This cost varies from company to company. A pharmaceutical company that advertises to every country will pay a lot more than a mom-and-pop button-making shop that serves only Boca Raton. Thus, there are two variables to keep in mind that will affect your startup costs (not to be confused with “setup costs”, which is the cost your ppc company charges you to setup the account): How competitive your industry is and how large the geographic region you want to advertise to is.
Contact us for a FREE PPC Account Review so we can prove we will improve your ROI/ROAS most anytime. here

Friday, October 1, 2010

Three Ingredients for Interactive Marketing Success.

Resource: Unica (NASDAQ: UNCA)a recognized leader in marketing software solutions. According to one Jupiter Research report, personalized emails using website click stream data produced 3.8 times more revenue than broadcast emails. The problem - Too many online marketers don’t know how to use online interaction date to their advantage. Consider: · An Aberdeen Group Survey found that only 16% of marketers personalize email content beyond using the recipient’s name. · Only 16% of respondents to the e-tailing group’s 2009 annual merchant survey agreed that “our emails are very personalized based on past customer behavior” · The e-tailing group survey found that only 9% of US online retailers dynamically show product based on past customer purchases. When the potential is so great, why is the opportunity to engage individually with customers and visitors often ignored by online marketers? Because most marketers miss the THREE KEY STEPS to REALIZING the VALUE of ONLINE INTERACTION DATA. 1) MOST CUSTOMER PROFILES REMAIN WOEFULLY INCOMPLETE. Major consumer marketers routinely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for generic list data. Yes these same companies often ignore the proprietary data riches right under their noses. To build truly interactive, customer and behavior-driven campaigns, you need a complete customer profile that includes: *Website Behavior data such as how visitors found your site, what interested them, what they looked for and maybe even what frustrated them. *Marketing responses to search ads, website promotions, email offers and more that reveal important insights on individual interests. *Social Media Activity such as product rating tools, social networks, blogs photo and video sharing sites, community platforms that engage customers and can improve your marketing precision. While many companies have some of the above elements, few have what it takes to integrate online behavior data together with traditional offline information such as demographics and transactions. 2) TOO MANY ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEMS ARE FRAGMENTED. There is no shortage of analytical tools, monitoring services and technology vendors but the very proliferation of options has made it almost impossible to coordinate online marketing actions into one informed, effective whole. The most troubling obstacles included: *Redundant page tagging that requires frequent rework as marketing goals & site designs. *Disconnected applications with separate interfaces that increase training requirements, delay time to-value and reduce productivity. As a result of this fragmentation, marketers are overly dependent on technical resources that are scarce, expensive and time-consuming-yes essential for improving the targeting, timing and personalization of email and website content. 3) THERE ARE THREE BASICE OTIONS FOR INTERGRATING ONLINE DATA- BUT ONLY ONE OF THEM IS A PRACTICAL SOLUTON FOR EFFICIENT MARKETING. a) Build a custom data warehouse where online interaction data is downloaded and stored on premises. b) Share data via a “virtual” platform. Many vendors have this API capability but do charge heavily for this added service. c) Use a single, integrated solution for online marketing. By working with one integrated solution, marketers can: *Streamline the workflow across systems to move customer information across channels without disruption, allowing data from one source-such as web data streams – to serve as triggers for actions from other applications, such as email offer or even traditional direct mail. *Eliminate other dependencies on technical resources for executing marketing work, including adding JavaScript page tags, posting updated site content or new landing pages, setting up content testing and more. *Automate processes and execution for personal dialogues with thousands or even millions of website visitors by using software that allows you to define triggers and turn online interaction data into customizable, scalable marketing efforts. SEE WHAT INTERACTIV MARKETING ONDEMAND CAN DO FOR YOU. Integrated, automated online marketing is not a pipe-dream, but a practical reality within your reach. Resource: Unica (NASDAQ: UNCA)a recognized leader in marketing software solutions.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keeping an Eye On Your Competition thru Competitive Intelligence

Compliments of Inc Magazine’s April 2010 edition Resources: Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals ( ) Polson Enterprises Before “Search,” keeping a firm eye on your competition was something that only Fortune 500 companies would tend to do, with entire departments devoted to Competitive Intelligence, or CI, and CI-focused management consultants who serve these departments. In fact, competitive intelligence may be more important to small companies than it is to larger ones, because small business feels the impact of competition immediately and “more deeply,” compared to larger ones. Craig Fleisher, a management professor at the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick notes, “Competitive intelligence is part of the day-to-day operation- part of the fabric of the enterprise.”
Using CI you are able to track your rivals while not spending a lot of money or too much time. In getting started/creating Benchmarks for measurement, you must articulate your own businesses goals and strategy.
“You have to clearly put yourself side by side with your competitor,” says Anne House, an Arlington, Virginia-based competitive intelligence consultant. “Because it’s the difference between the two of you where opportunities lie.” Determine Who Matters: Keep tabs in order to keep pricing/marketing and strategy at bay, but don’t “assume what exists today will be true tomorrow.” Don’t watch more than five companies at any one time or you could find yourself overwhelmed. It has been said that spending too much time on competitive intelligence is spending too little time being competitive!
Focus on What Matters: Four critical areas of competitor behavior that CI experts focus on are: a). Its goals/”drivers”/often in terms of revenue
b). Management’s assumptions about the market
c). It's strategies and tactics to achieve those goalsd
d). It's capabilities for meeting the goals. ** Most companies need to focus on c & d (tracking strategies & tactics & capabilities).
Formalize the Process: Part of making the process a "discipline" is making it a discipline. Keep files on a server; making a point to review all information at least once a quarter. Remember = Competitive Intelligence has No intrinsic Value, the Value occurs when you use CI to make better decisions. Gathering Intelligence In the News: Be aware of Email Alerts about search terms of your choice from Google News. Some of the best sources are often small town newspapers or local business papers that avidly cover hometown companies, particularly when they are big fish in a little pond.
Online: Competitors’ Websites/reviewing back-links/relationships/SEO tactics/directories they are listed in by using companies like or to get certain page updates. Why? Because when a company changes its website, it certainly speaks to how their message/business/strategy/clients are changing and what they are prioritizing.
Financials: Business data aggrators such as Dun & Bradstreet and InfoUSA can provide adequate financials, (local academic or public libraries usually have subscriptions).
From the Bureaucracy: Requesting OSHA docs thru our Freedom of Information Act can also help in getting an inside scoop of who your competitors are working with. Often laden with Industry Jargon or Slang, these Analytic Models for evaluating a business and its competitive landscape are not interchangeable – they work best when put to specific uses.
Strategic Planning: SWOT Analysis is a process of dividing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats into quadrants on a grid to accurately view, analyze & compare.
New Market Opportunities: A Strategic Group Map plotting your company and your competitors on a grid against two variables that most define success in your specific field, such as pricing and product quality. The grid, which is divided into quadrants, illuminates the strategic space that remains open.
To Anticipate How Competitors Might React To Your Next Move: A four-Corner Analysis matches up your company against the competition in terms of Goals, Assumptions, Strategies & Capabilities.

Friday, June 11, 2010

SEO Tips

The more relevant links you have, the more pages of your site will be crawled by search engines – This is a relatively new strategy. The number of pages of a website in Google’s Index were thought to be the direct result of site structure and search engine marketing and limitations in Google’s indexing speed but Google now uses a site’s PageRank (PR) to decide how many pages to index. It’s important to remember, here, two things: First, Google search engine uses a Pagerank algorithm that is different to the one displayed publicly and this one is calculated and refreshed on a daily basis. Second, Google does not have an indexing cap. If your pages have many outside links leading in to them then your website will be indexed properly.