Sunday, December 5, 2010

Proxy1Media launches Google's New ReMarketing Program to help target missed "Pay-Per-Click Conversions" for a particular Pest Control Client they have in South Florida.
From Proxy1's Major Account Manager, "Taking Google's New ReMarketing program has enabled us to "Re-Brand / Re-Target Specific Ads" to miss online opportunities. Our Client is the Largest Tent Fumigation Company in the State of Florida having multiple locations and geo-targeted ads running on Googles Search & Content Network (this is the 1st page of Google and 100's of related/non-related websites) and we need to maximize each PPC impression, message, offer and of course conversion.
With Effectively Run Pay-Per-Click Ads we are able to not only Immediately Brand our Client in Exact areas they prefer to work in, we are running Insect-Specific Ads to help capture the Niche Website Inquires about a particular bug problem, a pest remedy or getting some bed bug problems taken care of immediately.
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